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Themed Birthdays



Product Info: A piñata can be a fun and memorable addition to any child's birthday party. For reference, see the video on the last slide.

Size: Approx. 10-12 inches

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Looking for a fun and festive way to add some excitement to your child's birthday party?

Why not try a piñata! Piñatas have been a favorite party game for generations, and are guaranteed to bring smiles and laughter to kids of all ages.

Our piñatas are made of heavy cardboard, and the whole thing is decorated with vibrant crepe paper. The piñata can be customized with any theme image.

(Check the attached video for reference)

Here are some tips for creating the perfect piñata for your child's birthday party:

  1. Choose a Theme: Decide on a theme for your piñata that matches the theme of your child's birthday party. Whether it's a favorite character, animal, or sports team, a piñata that matches the party's theme will add to the overall atmosphere. (Fill the "Mention your theme name" box).

  2. Fill it up: Stuff your piñata with fun and festive goodies that your child and their friends will love. Think small toys, candy, and other treats that will make the kids excited to break it open. (We provide a pack of colorful cut papers inside the piñata box to fill it up with goodies), (We won't provide any candies/toys or any other stuff).

  3. Hang it Up: Hang your piñata from a sturdy tree branch or other support using a strong rope or cord during your celebration. (Make sure to fill your piñatas with colorful paper and goodies before hanging).

  4. How to play: Have the children stand in a circle around the piñata and take turns pulling on the strings to see which one will open the piñata and release the treats inside. Make sure each child pulls one rope at a time for the most fun (there will be several ropes attached at the bottom, but any one of them will open the piñata box).

  5. Boom!! Once the child opens the piñata, the colorful paper, goodies and treats that were stuffed inside will spill out for the kids to collect and enjoy. Take pleasure in watching your children gather the treats.  The children will usually scramble to pick up as many treats as they can and share them with their friends. This can be a fun and exciting moment for the children, as they get to enjoy the fruits of their labor and indulge in some sweet treats.
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